Web designers are often called in to design a website layout for a client. It is possible that the client will get exactly what they want, but there are always a few details lost. There are a few ways to ensure that you always get the best website layout without causing yourself a headache.

1. Pick a premium WordPress theme

Many web design companies (we are no exception) use WordPress as their primary tool. Because of this, you can pick out your ideal website layout by simply browsing a few WordPress themes. If you tell a developer what theme to use, then they can generally grasp how you want the website to look as well as function! The downside is that many companies and freelancers will not have themes available, so you will need to spend around $20 through $70 finding your perfect theme. The good news is that we’re exempt from this because we have hundreds of premium themes available for free!

2. Keep a written record of what you want your website to do

It is easy to misplace a couple of details about what is wanted on a website. It is even easier to misplace details about a website layout if you never wrote down those details.

You may forget that you want the portfolio section near the blog excerpt section. You may also have forgotten that you want all of the images to open up full-screen in a light box. Whatever the reason, you should make it a point to write down everything that you want in your website.

3. Clearly define what you like and don’t like about a certain design

When creating websites, the limit goes beyond the sky. Web developers have every tool at their disposal to make everything act exactly how you want it to. This is one of the biggest curses of web design because without clear input you won’t get what you want.


If you follow these three principles, then creating your website layout will be a very pleasant experience!