Finding the best web hosting service is as important as the website itself. Simply put, a bad web host can make your life terrible. There are a lot of factors to consider when looking for the best web hosting company. To simplify this, I have broken it down into three questions.

How important is server up-time?

Usually hosting companies provide 98%-100% up-time.Believe it or not, many hosting companies are in the mid to high 99% of up-time and anything less is considered horrible. For instance, one company that isn’t listed here (and one company that I am not going to name) has a monthly server up-time of around 98.5%. This doesn’t seem too bad; it’s very close to a perfect score on any sort of test you’ve probably taken in your life. So what’s the problem?

The reason why this company’s up-time is much lower is because they are notorious for having a monthly outage that lasts for an average of 14 hours. Say goodbye to any potential clients during that time!

How important is page load speed?

Page load speed is a very important aspect of web hosting. Usually the best web hosting company for you will provide the lowest. Page load time is a crucial element for prospective clients, as well as for SEO and it can even play a factor in site indexing. The same nameless company mentioned previously was able to load a website in 1.5 seconds. A different host was able to load that same website in 0.6 seconds.

How important is customer service?

Although being the least important of the three aspects here, it is still very important to be able to talk to a competent person on the other end of the phone. Remember that an issue that can be solved in fifteen minutes can also take five hours. If you aren’t being understood, then you can expect the latter amount of time.

The best web hosting for you on a budget

Many hosting companies introduce great deals for the first three years after purchase. For instance, Host Gator has a plan called “Hatchling,” and at the time of writing it will only cost $3.95 (at most!) per month for three years. After the three years, this price jumps up to $7.95, which is still very reasonable. Other companies such as Host Monster, Blue Host, and Site Ground provide similar offerings. These four are my go-to safe options, but there are also many others that fall in this category.

If you are having a hard time deciding which host to pick, feel free to contact us at any time. We’re excited to help!