When you think of inexpensive web design, you probably think that it should be, well, inexpensive. But $5 for a brand new website? That sounds crazy! Heck, the cost of electricity used in making one website is more than $5.

So why do we charge clients only $5 for a brand new website? Get ready – we can’t wait to tell you!

Our view on $5 web design

In the current age of social media, a website is an absolute must. When you have a website, you are able to increase your exposure and increase product awareness. We feel that you will be more inclined to purchase our services after reading this article!

Inexpensive web design benefits everyone.

By charging $5 per website, we can:

  • Work with people who may not be able to afford a website.
  • Work with clients who wish to explore different markets.
  • Increase your awareness of our company.
  • Increase your trust in our company.
  • Greatly reduce our marketing costs.
  • Maintain a permanent low price for you and future clients.
  • A great potential to expand our niche to cover more industries

We even offer more services than other companies!

It wouldn’t take you long to generate a list of fifty unique web design companies. Most of their prices are similar, and they practically offer the same things. In order for a new company to penetrate this market, we have taken very drastic measures:

  • We only charge $5 per website.
  • You will get documentation on how to edit your website.
  • If you need it, we can design a logo you.
  • If you need it, we can write winning, SEO-friendly content.
  • Mobile-responsive website design included.
  • As many plugins as you want included.
  • And we will even include a premium WordPress theme for free(A $20-$70 value)! You can even pick it out if you want!

Are you ready to get started and spend the best $5 ever?

You should Contact MosoWare and get started now!