You may be afraid to create a website because you:

  • Don’t know how to use WordPress
  • Are missing a logo
  • Only have some of the content you need
  • Don’t know which keywords to target

Web design benefits packages are usually hard to come by. With us, they’re automatic with every website purchase! We guarantee that you will not find this service with any other company; especially not for only $5!

Web design benefits – Documentation

This is meant to help you manage your website. This includes:

  • An introduction to WordPress. This goes over how to:
    • Log in to your website
    • Create a “post” or “page”
    • Add new users
    • Assign user roles
  • Explains your WordPress theme and site layout. This explains how to:
    • Set your theme fonts
    • Set your theme colors
    • Everything else that you can customize on your layout
  • Clear, concise English text
  • High-definition images

Web design benefits – Logo design

On top of the in-depth documentation, you will even receive a logo if you need one! Our design experts excel in flat logos, and can create anything you desire in this domain. Please provide us with a basic guideline of what you want, or, give us full creative control to create something beautiful for you.

Web design benefits – Content creation

It’s hard to come up with compelling content for your viewers. It’s even harder to come up with content if you aren’t sure of which type of design you want! At MosoWare, our team excels at creating concise, eye-catching content that sells. We know exactly which words to choose that will take your product to the next level. And since the content relies on the layout of your website, we won’t begin writing until our developers are finished!

Web design benefits – Keyword Targeting

We take the guesswork out of creating keywords for your blog or business. Let us give you our opinion on which words to target!

Web design benefits – Affiliate ad creation

Please get in touch so that we know what you need. We have experience making many different types of affiliate content.