Hello, MosoWare!

Hello, MosoWare!

Imagine for a moment that you’re sitting in a room with a very old, battered key, and an elderly man who is located in front of two doors. He begins to tell you that both doors lead different places; one door leads to a room filled with radiant light, and the other room leads to pure darkness. The door on the left of the old man is pitch black, and the door on his right is pure white. The man then disappears, and you are left in the room alone, staring at two doors. Which door would you choose?

When provided with limited options, it’s easy to fall victim to prior stereotypes and discrimination, especially when it comes down to primitive ideals like darkness versus light. Sadly, though, a lot of companies still do this – they ask you what you want, and then provide a very limited set of options based on what you said (and that’s if you’re lucky). At MosoWare, we believe in a few core principals  which causes us to excel and helps us steer clear of this problem:

  • Designing is a process, and each business is unique.
  • Word-of-mouth is the most cost-effective and most reliable form of advertising
  • Building long-term relationships helps both parties grow to understand one-another better
  • We care about your business, because without it we won’t be successful

Our niche resides in the service industry and also for individuals for blogging and freelancing. However we do get excited when someone approaches us with a request for a company that is part of a different industry.

If you have any questions, or wish for us to make your next website, please send us some mail and let us know.!


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