Why you need to keep us on retainer

A lot of times people approach web design as a once-in-a-lifetime event and are content once their site is live. I mean it makes sense; you pay for a website, then that website gets created, and it lives on your server until you miss a few payments or die. Why would you ever need a retainer?

Let’s say you purchase a website for a flat fee from a company. For the next few months, your website is perfect; it’s doing everything it’s supposed to, and you’ve received a lot of positive feedback from your clients about their experience with it. Then out of nowhere, your website stops working.

…Can you feel the fear in that man’s eyes? I know I can…

The importance of a retainer agreement

Normally if you don’t sign a retainer agreement with a web company, you can spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars fixing an issue with your website.  When you sign up for a retainer agreement, you get high-quality service fast. And at a much lower cost than buying individual hours!

Feature enhancements with a retainer

We have found that a majority of people don’t want to incur another monthly debt on top of what they already owe. However, if your website changes regularly, or you aren’t quite sure what exact style you want to go with, a retainer can be a great way to mitigate a lot of cost to you.

All of the support hours we provide with our retainer packages go directly into whatever you want.  If your website is down for whatever reason, we will work to get it back online. If you want your website theme colors changed from red to pink, then we’ll work on getting it changed. If you want to implement e-commerce and merchant services, then we will even help out with that!

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